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” Your entire crew is “top drawer”. From Geri in the front office to the hygienist, to the everyone who I encounter there. Always a pleasure to visit. It’s like visiting relatives you like!”
— Marty

” I have been very satisfied with the expertise and professionalism of this office”
— Charles

My family and I are all patients of Dr. Incampo. I recently visited the office for my 6 month cleaning. Upon arrival I met a hygienist Ann whom I had not previously seen. She was very talkative and friendly, and helped me relax after an already stressful morning. All-in- all- a good experience as it always is when I visit your office. To my surprise, two days later I receive a hand written card in the mail from Ann wishing me well and even commenting on one of the things we talked about during my visit. Needless to say I was very impressed . I have NEVER experiences customer service at this level and quite frankly it blew me away. What an excellent way to retain your “customers”! I want to extend a sincere thank you to her, and to your office for always providing top-notch care to your patients . It is refreshing especially in this day in age.”
 — Kristi

I needed three crowns to replace 2 old, leaky, silver fillings and to repair a broken tooth with a huge white filling. Free time is hard for me to come by these days, but Dr. Incampo said he could do all three crowns in one visit. He showed me how the CEREC type crowns are made right in the office and calmed my worries. I am so happy to have had the work done, I had been putting it off for a while and after my tooth broke I began to dread multiple visits. His assistant Stephanie was sweet and kept the visit light. The crowns feel terrific! They feel like my own teeth, smooth and solid.My bite feels stronger than ever!
— Pattiann B

Excellent care and services. The staff is very friendly and caring and treats patients extremely well. Dr. Incampo and his team have restored my ability to go to the dentist office again. Many years ago I had a very bad expierance with a dentist office and I have stopped going. My adventure started when I broken my front tooth and my sister has recommended Dr. Incampo to me. It has been a long road for me to fix all the demage I have done to my teeth and I must say it has been worth it. Dr. Incampo gave me a chance to smile again with confidence.
— Barbara K

Overall experience was excellent! Dr. Incampo knows his subject very well and I am comfortable when he operates on me. He is an excellent doctor. I also like his support staff.
— Mike K

Excellent staff that makes all visits very comforting!
— Anthony C

I would, without hesitation, recommend Dr. Incampo. I have had several procedures done and they all have been exceptional!
— Danita R

The hygenists are terrific . The office staff is very welcoming and accommodating
— Ruth T

LOVE everyone there ! Wonderfully personable and always professional. Many thanks
— Deb R

It’s a cliche to use the phrase “service with a smile” in reference to a dentist appointment, but I’m always greeted with one and I always leave with one. I expect quality work from my dental provider, but I also expect a high level of service for my biannual visits. The staff at Incampo’s office is highly qualified, very professional, and extremely friendly. I look forward to another 10 years!
— Mark B