Dr. Paolo Incampo Joins US. Marines for Toys for Tots Literacy Program to Combat The Scourge Of Illiteracy



Dr. Paolo Incampo joined dozens of his dental colleagues from across America at a Gala event in Florida honoring the U.S. Marine Corp and the Toys for Tots Literacy Campaign in a fight against illiteracy.

Dr. Incampo is more than a local dentist. He is an active and caring member of the community; always active in helping and caring about the quality of life for others. Case in point: Dr. Incampo has been contributing to such benefits as the Boys and Girls Club during their Christmas toy drive; Somebody Cares New England for Thanksgiving and Christmas; Breast Intentions Charity that helps families of the women going through treatment; The local North Andover and Andover High school; Medical missions to Guatemala and many others. Making a difference means going above and beyond the call of duty. This is also why he joined the fight against illiteracy at this gala and was awarded the Medal of Duty and a Three Star General’s Commanders Award; presented by the U.S. Marines.

Looking at the facts, one cannot deny that Illiterate children turn into illiterate adults, and those adults who are unable to read at a third-grade level not only feel excluded from society, but they also raise illiterate children, as they cannot teach them how to read. According to recent U.S. Census Bureau reports, more than 20% of children under 18 years of age live in poverty—the highest poverty rate in 15 years. That’s 15.5 million children! Now, add this to the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center of Education statistics whereby 44 million adults are functionally illiterate.  Per the Bureau of Justice about 41% of inmates in the State and Federal prisons and local jails had not completed high school or its equivalent. Leading one to wonder, is there a connection to illiteracy, poverty and crime? The harm imposed on our children and future generations can no longer be tolerated. Millions of dollars are spent on education yet the U.S. ranks number 13 internationally. This is unacceptable and evokes a call-to-arms for effective participation by all.

This is what motivated Dr. Incampo and hundreds of attendees of this Gala to participate and ended up ensuring that 110,000 children would receive not only toys for Christmas, which in itself is a great gesture of humanity, but also the gift of literacy. Giving these children a chance to be included and to participate in our society and to succeed.

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